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Due to ever increasing standards in the Aged Care Industry, a hygienic, efficient and cost effective On Premise Laundry (OPL) is essential. To that end Speed Queen Equipment Sales can fulfil this requirement with a complete range including leading Speed Queen and Unimac brands of commercial laundry equipment.

From design right through to installation and training we can provide a complete service that meets with all standards required for today's demanding environments.

These laundries will see heavy volumes to process and must maximize efficiency. It's also important for hospitals and long-term care facilities to assess their incontinence levels as this will have a significant impact on the operation. While clean results are the goal of any OPL, healthcare facilities demand the highest levels for infection control. High quality equipment is a must as well as the utmost consistency in cycles, including water temperatures that are optimal for the laundry chemicals being used. Our ecofriendly, energy and water efficient models achieve savings of up to 70%, so ask us for advice on how we can turn your laundry around.

It’s not all about washers and extractors, we lead the way in drying / tumbler efficiency. Uncomplicated. Uncompromising. Unmatched. Enjoy heavy-duty construction that will provide reliable operation for years to come.

Our single pocket tumble dryers feature a concentrated airflow pattern and sealed cylinder rims to ensure maximum air utilization and energy savings. This superior drying performance helps laundries maximize throughput to meet the daily workload without the need for added shifts or costly overtime. We make it even easier with a large, easy-to-clean lint compartment and a heavy-duty door hinge designed to withstand heavy usage.

Speed Queen Equipment Sales can offer full maintenance and service programs, tailored to your business needs. Prevent downtime and lost productivity by calling for a no obligation evaluation.

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