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Day Spa's - Massage Therapy

Towels will be the major laundry component in both spas and salons. The two businesses, however, may see very different volumes and have space limitations to house a laundry. Salons often benefit from commercial manual control washers and dryers, where they can be continuously processing smaller loads throughout the day. In addition, stack units can be an answer to the space crunch some salons are faced with. Soft, fluffy spa towels and robes are key elements to the luxurious spa experience. Programmable washer-extractors help managers keep the high quality required. These machines also attain high extract speeds to remove more water from larger loads and cut drying time, resulting in improved throughput.

Our commercial washers and dryers will effortlessly handle oil-soaked linens and turn out hygienic, stain-free sheets and terry items. As margins grow narrower, you’ll appreciate the water efficiency, energy savings and larger volumes you can manage in less time, meaning smaller stocks to be purchased and stored.

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