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Hostels & Student Accommodation

Our equipment delivers simple operation and visual icon instructions mean anyone – including International Guests – can manage their laundry with our world-renowned Speed Queen Washers and dryers. A good laundry will delight guests and residents requirements 24/7 without assistance. Security is vital and our tamper proof machines are extremely energy and water efficient for low running costs. Choose coin, token or card-operated and a staff over-ride key is provided for the property’s usage.

For optimal efficient and performance our Speed Queen Front Load machines deliver fast efficient cycle times and attain high extract speeds to remove more water from larger loads and cut drying time, resulting in improved throughput. In addition, stack units can be an answer if you have a space crunch in the laundry.

Laundry operation and equipment efficiency is enhanced with the Quantum Gold Network capabilities, allowing Audits, Equipment Management, Usage and service reporting all to a networked computer. The result for you is reduced use of resources, maximised satisfaction, and a more productive environment.


  • Its simple, powerful programming gives you the ability to:
  • Easily manage your laundry operation with remote internet access.
  • Establish multi-level vend prices, soil level cycles and dryer top-off times on your machines.
  • Track coin or card transactions.
  • WashAlert™ with Service Alert capable.

Speed Queens World renowned commercial laundry experience and local product support will become a valued partner in running your business and controlling daily running costs.

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