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Cleanstar Mira 40 Scrubber Dryer

Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer

Tennant T1 Walk Behind Micro Scrubber

Scrub in tight, congested areas, in both forward and reverse, with the Tennant T1 Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber. Insta-Adjust™ handle and ergonomic grips help create a more comfortable cleaning experience.

Tennant Compact Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber

The T12 Compact Battery-powered Ride-on Scrubber combines the power of a heavy duty ride-on scrubber and the maneuverability of a compact footprint. Increase cleaning productivity by utilising Tennant’s innovative product features chemical free ec-H2O™ technology.

Tennant T16 Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber

Tennant’s T16 Battery-powered Ride-on Scrubber delivers superior results with a lower cost of ownership. The T16’s design provides an intuitive and operator-friendly experience.

Tennant T2 Battery Walk Behind Scrubber

Tennant’s T2 Battery Walk-Behind Scrubber delivers superior cleaning results in a compact, easy-to-maneuver design.

Tennant T300 / T300e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

The innovative T300 / T300e high performance walk-behind scrubbers deliver high performance and consistent results for virtually any hard surface condition.

Tennant T350 Stand On Scrubber

High productivity rates and great maneuverability make this stand-on scrubber an ideal choice for large or obstructed spaces

Tennant T500 / T500e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

The T500 / T500e walk-behind floor scrubbers provide optimal performance and consistent results on virtually any hard floor surface condition while lowering cleaning costs.

Tennant T600 / T600e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

Deliver exceptional cleaning performance and reliability even in the toughest environments. The T600 / T600e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers feature durable construction and a suite of productivity-boosting features.

Tennant T7 Micro Ride-on Floor Scrubber

The Tennant T7 Micro Ride-on Floor Scrubber makes scrubbing large and small floor areas easy. Add Tennant's innovative ec-H2O NanoClean™ or FaST® scrubbing technologies to help reduce water and detergent use.

Polivac C27 Rotary Scrubber

40cm 187rpm 1.1kW 4 pole dirve motor. With Quick Release Bassine Brush

Polivac A23 Mini Scrubber

30cm 187rpm 0.56kW 4 pole drive motor. With Bassine Brush with clutch

Polivac 1700E Rotary Scrubber

40cm 187rpm 0.56kW 4 pole drive motor. 1100W tangential 2 stage vacuum motor with 20L solution and 20L recovery tank

Oates BMS-2000M M/SCRBR Starter Kit Medium Handle HDLE(1)

The ultimate cordless, high torque, lighweight, multi-purpose cleaning machine.

IPC CT5 Walk Behind Scrubber

CT5 is the mini-scrubber with great performance.

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